December 1, 2011

Hank shares on the angel of the Lord appearing to Joseph and pronouncing the virgin birth (0:31)

Questions / Comments

  • How are we supposed to be thankful for everything according to Ephesians 5:20? (3:53)
  • Did the early church fathers hold a premillennial view of eschatology like Justin Martyr and Tertullian? (8:46)
  • What is the date of the composition of the Book of Revelation? Does the condition of the churches suggest a later date of composition? (11:14)
  • Why did God call Ezekiel “son of man?” (20:45
  • Can you explain what’s going on in Matthew 15:21-28? If the woman failed to answer correctly, would Jesus have denied the miraculous healing? (23:36)
  • How do you bring someone back into the church who has committed adultery? (27:47)
  • In Matthew 16:18 Jesus says I will build my church upon the rock. Is Jesus identifying the rock as Himself or Peter? (38:56)
  • God gives humans who sin a chance to repent. Why did God not give Satan a chance to repent? (43:35)
  • My friend feels condemned for smoking, does this hinder his salvation?
  • In 1-2 Samuel did Saul commit suicide or did the Amalekite kill Saul? (45:10)
  • Can someone addicted to cigarette smoking be saved? (46:01)
  • Can you explain 1 Corinthians 11? Is a women supposed to cover her head with a veil? (49:38)