December 5, 2011

Hank shares on the ingenious constructions of the genealogies in Matthew and Luke (0:45)

Questions / Comments

  • Explain what you meant by Satan not being able to do physical activities? (5:37)
  • Is it acceptable for a Christian to drink alcoholic beverages? (22:53)
  • How do I answer a Jehovah’s Witness who says Proverbs 8:22 proves Jesus was created? (26:10)
  • What happens after death? Can you explain the whole process? Are we going to live in heaven forever? (31:10)
  • What is your stance on generational curses? (40:34)
  • Were Adam and Eve saved? (43:44)
  • A person like Hitler who killed millions and others is in hell right now, but how can Adam and Eve who committed a sin that had effects on much more people still enter heaven? (44:50)