December 8, 2011

Hank shares on what Christians believed actually happened and what we are celebrating this Christmas season (0:42)

Questions / Comments

  • What about government spending and aid being sent to countries? (3:44)
  • Since Jesus came and died, did He do away with the Old Testament Law, specifically the commandments to tithe? (6:49)
  • Is part of supporting Israel fighting preventative wars in support of Israel? (10:14)
  • I am trying to understand spiritual warfare. How much can demons affect believers in comparison to unbelievers? (20:59)
  • Can Satan and demons cause believers to experience physical illness? (22:58)
  • Can you address Matthew 17:14-21 regarding demon possession? The demon causes the boy to hurt self. Demon possession is something that can really happen? Cause seizures, cuts, and sores?  (27:15)
  • Address the Seventh-day Adventist criticism against Sunday as day of worship and Sabbath? (29:38)
  • What would you say are the problems with Calvinism? (32:24)
  • Are there any extra biblical historical secular records to support the miraculous plagues on Egypt? (38:57)
  • Can you explain the parable of the fig tree in Mark 13? (42:31)
  • How can we be over commers as Christians when we continue to do the same sins over again? (47:38)
  • What Scripture is there to give comfort to parents who lost infants and children who are mentally handicapped (49:18)