December 14, 2011

Hank shares on whether Santa Claus can be saved (0:31)

Questions / Comments:

  • What happens to those who commit suicide? Are they punished on the other side? (2:03)
  • Is Bill Johnson of Bethel Church a sound teacher? (5:04)
  • Why don’t we keep the Old Testament dietary laws today? Why would the dietary laws be changed in the New Testament times? (10:08)
  • Jesus is the second Adam. Were Jesus and Adam both perfect? Adam and Eve created perfect prior to the Fall? (21:07)
  • Can you address Lutheran teaching on pastors pronouncing absolution of sins of congregants? (26:21)
  • Did Christ only die for the believers or for everyone? (41:51)
  • Can you recommend good Christian denominations for a new Christian? (45:16)