August 4, 2009

Hank Hanegraaff offers clarification on 2 Samuel 12 and whether God approves of polygamy (0.50)


  • What do you mean by “reading the Bible for all its worth”? (9:09)
  • Discussion on lots of ministers fail to properly interpret the (Greek) verbs in the present tense and salvation being continual. (12:08)
  • How familiar are you with Joel Rosenburg and his prophecies? Thoughts? (21:17)
  • You do not believe that Gog is Russia? (22:38)
  • You do not believe that there will be a third temple in Jerusalem? (29:37)
  • Jesus experiencing temptation per Hebrews 4:15 contradicts what James 1:13 teaches about temptation and God not being tempted? (30:10)
  • Do Jews and Muslims worship a false god? (39:33)
  • What about The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin? (42:48)
  • Was there more than one Eve? (45:01)
  • Address Jimmy Swaggart equating President Barack Obama with the Antichrist (45:45)
  • Why do modern Jews reject Jesus as the Messiah? (47:47)