November 10, 2009

Hank discusses the question of whether morality can be based upon our selfish evolutionary past, as in the case of Richard Dawkins who argues the point in The God Delusion (0:30)


  • Some Hyper Calvinists use Romans 9:13, Psalm 5:5 and other verses to say that God hates the non-elect. Thoughts? (7:06)
  • Are Hyper Calvinist dangerous false teachers? (10:15)
  • When we die do we go to sleep or do we go to be absent in the body and present with the Lord (11:56)
  • What do you understand about the Scriptural teaching about those who sleep in Christ will arise when He comes back? (21:37)
  • Are those who have gone to be with the Lord praying for believers on Earth? (23:00)
  • Where does the Septuagint fits with respect to the Canon of Scripture? (25:20)
  • Ok to use instrumental music for worship? (27:55)
  • Does God change His mind? (40:13)
  • If God knows all things, why would He call people to repent? (44:28)
  • Does the Bible forbid tattoos? (46:56)
  • Why did the Levitical priest cast lots to determine God’s will? (48:11)