December 21, 2011

Hank discusses Isaiah 9:6, the meaning of Advent, and the Advent season (0:33)

Questions / Comments

Why isn’t Jesus named Immanuel? The Old Testament prophets says His name shall be cammed “Immanuel.” (3:54)

  • Is it biblical to “plead the blood of Jesus” in praying over something? (6:48)
  • What about Joyce Meyer’s teaching on verbalizing and speaking to the enemy the Devil? (10:38)
  • Can you clarify your Neil Anderson comment about a demon biting his hand? (11:51)
  • What is your view of death before Adam and Eve sinned? Have you changed your position? (22:00)
  • I was asked to read 23 Minutes in Hell. Is Satan in hell now? (28:46)
  • If I don’t forgive someone does that mean I am not saved? (38:58)
  • Can you explain the children slaughtered, voice heard in Ramah, and Rachel crying in Matthew 2:18? Old Testament prophecy? (44:31)