December 27, 2011

Hank comments on the many people who suppose the doctrine of incarnation is impossible (0:47)

Questions / Comments

  • Are we required to keep rash vows we have made in our youth to the Lord according to Deuteronomy 23:21 and Psalm 56:12? (3:34)
  • Explain the father’s role in vow making from Numbers 30. Is this applicable today? (5:10)
  • How do I know my faith is real? How can I be sure of my salvation? (7:58)
  • When was Jesus born? September 29 or around October? Is not December 25th a pagan holiday? (21:04)
  • In Revelation 13:18 is John telling us we can calculate the name of the beast by the number 666? (26:22)
  • How are modern day Jews judged after they die? Will they be condemned as stiff-necked people?  (42:42)
  • What is a proper definition of divine revelation? (44:32)
  • When a pastor gives a sermon from the inspired Word of God, can we consider the sermon also as divinely inspired at the same level as the Word? (46:22)
  • If someone in Africa is a polygamist, is this a sin? If the polygamist becomes a Christian, should they get divorced? (47:49)