December 28, 2011

Hank shares on the Christian Research Journal feature article “A World of GaGa” by Mark Sayers (0:48)

Questions / Comments

  • Can a non-practicing homosexual living celibate be an authentic Christian? Is this legalism? (3:55)
  • Someone told me that they consider their salvation to be the second coming of Christ. The second coming is then the moment one receives Jesus into their heart. What are your thoughts? (7:34)
  • I heard an ex-Christian minister profess that Christianity is lie. He considers it a moral, brutal, mythology. How is this possible? How can that man retain his Christianity? (11:38)
  • When the Lord comes back, He will create the New Heaven and New Earth. Can you explain the new heaven and new earth in Isaiah 65? How is there still death in Isaiah 65? (21:19)
  • Can a woman be a pastor or a bishop? (24:31)
  • Matthew 2:15 quotes the flight to Egypt fulfilled Hosea 11:1. Isn’t Matthew taking Hosea 11:1 out of context? (27:05)
  • At what point am I held accountable to God for my family’s attendance at a local church? We moved churches. The new church has lots of prosperity teaching. My family is now going to different churches, and still looking for a church home. Am I accountable for going from church to church? (43:05)
  • What is your opinion of Sid Roth?(48:08)