December 29, 2011

Hank encourages listeners to start off the new year with getting into the Word of God and having good spiritual meals (0:47)

Questions / Comments:

  • How were Old Testament saints saved? (3:13)
  • Is war a sin? (5:55)
  • Studying Acts 2. What is the meaning of Pentecost and the history behind it? (9:24)
  • We live in a home that is said to be haunted. Investigator says we are experiencing paranormal demonic activity centered around our 4-year-old son. My son has nightmares and appears to wake up with scratches on his body. My son’s friends have stopped playing with him. What should we do? (21:04)
  • Where did all the different races come from? (25:16)
  • What is your view of Roman Catholicism? (29:56)
  • Why did God tell Abraham to sacrifice Isaac? (39:00)
  • How do you interpret Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks? (46:44)