December 30, 2011

Hanks shares the immortal message from the panoply of the Scriptures on what must I do to be saved (0:28)

Questions / Comments:

  • Why did Christ die such a horrific death? (3:40)
  • Jews disbelieve Jesus being the Messiah and consider Him a false prophet because He told His disciples that He would return within their generation. How to respond? (10:49)
  • Does Mark 1:23 mean that individuals can be possessed by a demon today? (21:43)
  • What about William Branham? (24:06)
  • Does the Scripture saying “the dead know nothing” refer to soul sleep? (27:21)
  • Have you reviewed Rules of Engagement by Cindy Trimm? Can someone place an evil spirit into a Christian simply by physical touch? (30:23)
  • Is Jentezen Franklin a Word of Faith preacher? (41:44)