November 11, 2009

Questions / Commentes

  • Former Roman Catholic. How to address Roman Catholics about their beliefs about Mary? (2:32)
  • What about teachings of Perry Stone? Is KJV an accurate translation? (7:18)
  • What about teachings of Arnold Murray with the Shepherd’s Chapel (20:57)
  • What about teachings of David Wilkerson? (23:26)
  • If David Wilkerson wrong on one point, are his other points untrustworthy? Stop listening to Wilkerson even if he holds to basic Christianity? (25:27)
  • A modern prophet spoke at church it was awful. I’m the bishop’s armor bearer. How should I approach the bishop on the errors that were communicated? (39:18)
  • Acts 19 account of Paul baptizing those who only received baptism of John and they spoke in tongues. How do we know the gift of speaking in tongues for today? (47:17)