January 9, 2012

Hank shares reflections on the verse “I will be their God” in Jeremiah 31:1 from Morning by Morning by Charles Haddon Spurgeon (0:52)

Questions / Comments

  • Is it true that demons can take form as extraterrestrials? (3:34)
  • Is it biblical to be slain in the Spirit and divine healings? (8:38)
  • Have you ever heard of Peter Ruckman? (12:45)
  • What happens to infants who die? They never had a chance to believe. What is done to them? (21:34)
  • Why is Joseph included in Matthew’s genealogy, since Jesus never had Joseph’s DNA? Why is Luke’s genealogy is different? (24:39)
  • Why do you call out other Christian leaders? To speak out against a man of God? Does not even a pastor like Benny Hin have some good? (28:02)
  • Is cremation biblical? (39:42)
  • I am with Church of Christ. Members of my church consider other denominations lost and going to hell. (42:34)
  • Why did some angels rebel against God? Did angels have freewill in heaven? (46:54)
  • Can Christians lose their salvation?(48:57)