January 12, 2012

Hank comments on the USA Today Cathy Lynn Grossman article “Mormons Optimistic about Fitting In” (0:35)

Questions / Comments

  • We were blessed to birth a new church. Looking into a discipleship program. Found one I sense is almost a kind of legalism. But I keep coming back to Matthew 5-7. Is the Sermon on the Mount good for Christian discipleship? (5:40)
  • I was raised a Roman Catholic, but I never read the Bible. Always felt something missing in my life but nothing I experienced satisfied. Then I got a Bible from my sister. Listen to the Bible Answer Man.  I started reading the bible and it made a difference. (12:10)
  • Can you address how the Mormon Church uses John 10:16 to promote their “other sheep” doctrine? Do they use it to justify a new tribe of believers in America? (23:21)
  • Did Jesus die spiritually on the cross? (26:05)
  • I attended a Baptist Church that stressed King James Only. How come everything is all about denominations with churches in the South, particularly the Baptist? (31:20)
  • I received from a Jehovah’s Witness the book Truth and Translation by Jason David Beduhn? What do you think about this book? (38:59)
  • My wife and I are gaining more income. I want a house and a car. Is such appropriate? What is the Christian standard of living with material possessions? (45:14)
  • Why do the newer translations omit Matthew 17:21? Why is there a footnote saying the verse is not found in ancient manuscripts? The King James Version includes the verse. (48:15)