January 18, 2012

Hank shares insights on the rest in Hebrews 4 from Morning by Morning by Charles Haddon Spurgeon (0:37)

Questions / Comments

  • What is a Christian view of US foreign policy particularly in the Middle East? Foreign policy an determining factor in choosing which candidate to vote for a President (3:22)
  • Is moral character essential for a US President? (6:56)
  • What is your opinion of Mike Bickle and IHOP? (12:24)
  • My nondenominational church doesn’t teach about the cross. Should I stay or leave? (21:01)
  • Is the New Living Translation ok? (22:49)
  • I am attending a church where tongues are spoken. I never spoke in tongues. But my denomination teaches that speaking in tongues is the evidence of the filling of the Holy Spirit. (25:05)
  • Was God in control of the planes on 9/11? Was it God’s fault? (28:12)
  • Is Kenneth Copeland a sound teacher? (38:43)
  • Can you address full Preterism? (47:29)