January 20, 2012

Questions / Comments

  • Will it be a problem if we elect a Mormon President? (1;02)
  • Is the mark of the beast symbolic, or is it a literal mark? (6:40)
  • What is your view on the Apocrypha? Why was the Apocrypha accepted by the Roman Catholic Church? (12:01)
  • Do you know anything about the theology of the Missing Cross to Purity? (21:00)
  • What happens when we die? Must we wait for the Second Coming or when we die do we go immediately to be with the Lord? (24:04)
  • Does the Bible give any indication of when Christ will return? (25:55)
  • What day should we worship? What about the Sabbath Day? (27:49)
  • How was the Bible canonized? Explain the creation of the Bible and the Council of Nicea and all the books that were specifically excluded? (39:00)
  • Is there a contradiction in the timeline of Daniel 1 and 2? (48:29)