January 27, 2012

Hank shares on the ABCs of spiritual growth so that Christians can become reproducing disciple makers (0:41)

Questions / Comments

  • When we get to heaven will we still need to study the Bible, or will there be new things to study? (3:47)
  • I know Doug Batchelor is a Seventh-day Adventist. Should I be listening to him? (5:21)
  • I left the Church of Christ over a disagreement on baptism. Does Mark 16:16 to prove their doctrine of water baptism? Baptismal regeneration? How should I interpret this passage? (8:09)
  • What is your opinion of Pastor Melissa Scott? (12:39)
  • What about the Way International? (14:06)
  • Was Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for all people or only for those who believe? And how does that relate to the doctrine of hell as eternal punishment? (20:55)
  • How about those who make the objection: “What could my kids do to warrant punishing them for eternity”? (23:34)
  • Does God allow bad things to happen, such as injuries, or does God cause them to happen? (38:54)
  • Are those who remarry after a divorce living in a perpetual state of adultery? Can one be forgiven if one divorces for illegitimate reasons and remarries another woman? (45:13)