January 31, 2012

Hank shares on the perfect righteousness of Christ from Morning by Morning by Charles Haddon Spurgeon (0:36)

Questions / Comments:

  • Did the Holy Spirit indwell Old Testament saints? (3:41)
  • When Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit in Luke 1, is that an example of the extra measure? (5:33)
  • Why in the Psalms did they pray “Don’t take away your Holy Spirit from me”? (5:59)
  • What is the biblical basis for the doctrine of original sin? Why are we condemned for Adam’s sin when Ezekiel indicates children are not condemned for the sin of their parents? (7:47)
  • Are there modern-day prophets? (21:13)
  • I am in dialogue with a Jewish gentleman. Can you help me help witness to a Jewish friend who uses Numbers 23:19, Balaam’s oracle declaring God is not a man, to refute the incarnation? (27:14)
  • Clarify the Scriptures on original sin. What is your view of the salvation of handicapped people and infants who die? What assurance do we have that should they die that they would go to heaven? (29:36)
  • Discussing church government with friends. Is there anything wrong with a church having two head pastors? (32:49)
  • Is Kenneth Estrada a sound teacher? My church youth group wants to invite him to speak. He appears to be a devote of Kenneth Copeland (39:03)
  • What is your opinion of N.T. Wright? (40:27)
  • Can women be pastors? (42:09)
  • How do I share with my skeptical nephew that the Bible is the Word of God? (46:56)