February 2, 2012

Hank shares on the way there are people who want to undermine the premise of the fine-tuning of the universe pointing to a sovereign Creator, as in the case of Stephen Hawking’s multiverse proposition (0:34)

Questions / Comments

  • Why does the Roman Catholic Church affirm Jesus descended into hell? (6:00)
  • Is there a chance of redemption for those in hell? What about those who died prior to the advent of Christ and the cross? (7:44)
  • Is Stephen Hawking accountable for he has led astray from belief in God? (10:55)
  • What about Freemasonry? (13:21)
  • I do not buy into the gap theory, but do you think there are scriptural legs to support the idea of an interminably long time prior to God beginning the six-day creation? (20:56)
  • What is your opinion of Mennonites? Do they hold to essential Christian doctrine? (23:46)
  • Do the Scriptures teach that adultery is the only grounds for divorce? (25:00)
  • Are there some sins that are worse than others and there are degrees of punishment for the unsaved? Are not all sins equal? (39:01)
  • I am a Freemason. Can you clarify the previous answer to the question on Freemasonry? Did you say that Freemasonry is a universalist religion? (42:50)