February 3, 2012

Hank shares on the special Origins issue of the Christian Research Journal and the Cambrian Explosion, which is biology’s version of the Big Bang (0:38)

Questions / Comments

  • Can you address the Calvinist doctrine of Limited Atonement? Did Christ die only for the elect and not all? (5:30)
  • What about biblical headship in marriage? Is a husband the head of the home who is to initiate unconditional love? Mutual submission between husband and wife? (9:13)
  • There have been many extrasolar planets discovered. Is there life on other planets? (12:35)
  • If there are other civilizations out in the universe, would that mean Christ is a Cosmic Christ? (14:35)
  • Is Chuck Missler a sound teacher? Can his teachings be supported by Scriptures? (21:19)
  • When Christ returns and we have the new heaven and new earth, will we recognize our loved ones, and will we be a family unity? (25:35)
  • I have trouble understanding why God allows Satan to continue. (38:53)
  • Why did God tell Moses to make serpent Numbers 21? (43:40)
  • The church I attend has gotten deep into the prosperity message. Is it ok to attend Word of Faith church? At what point does this become a danger to my family? (47:58)