February 6, 2012

Hank shares on whether Adam and Eve really existed (0:37)

Questions / Comments

  • I hear at funerals that we will see our loved ones in heaven. Where is this said in the Scriptures? (5:23)
  • Do you have information on Mormonism? What about what they teach about Jesus coming back to somewhere in the United States? (9:37)
  • I have a friend who was a Mason, Scottish Rite, and Shriner. Are all Masons going to hell? (21:09)
  • What about the teachings of James MacDonald?  Is MacDonald Oneness or Trinitarian? (26:06)
  • You say heaven is not a place. If that is the case, then where is Enoch and Elijah since they have not died? Where are their bodies? (27:07)
  • Is using birth control a sin? (29:18)
  • Trying to understand the concept of God choosing us and our freewill. (39:44)
  • Is John Hagee a sound teacher? (44:12)