February 8, 2012

“Tell me where you lost the company of Christ, and I will tell you the most likely place to find him…” from Morning by Morning by Charles Haddon Spurgeon (0:29)

Questions / Comments

  • Is the love you feel for Christ supposed to be instantaneous with your conversion? I do not feel that way. How can I love Christ more? Does love for Him grow as we progress in our walk with Him? (3:10)
  • I have trouble giving a tithe and crunching the numbers with my paycheck. Do I have to tithe to my local church or can I give in other ways? Is giving food to the needy a type of tithing? (7:06)
  • I have not found a church that I care for but there are people who come to me for help. Is this along the line of tithing? (11:10)
  • I tried to find a church, but I just don’t feel like I fit it in. I do not sense I dress the right way. I sense God talking to me, but others tell me I have the devil (13:26)
  • How should we interpret the 2nd commandment today? Can we have images of Jesus or angels? (21:17)
  • I am a praise and worship leader. I perform worship music in public. I have trouble with churches I attend which practice speaking in tongues, because I disagree with this practice (22:55)
  • My father-in-law consistently takes the Lord’s name in vain, but he goes to church every Saturday. I doubt the authenticity of his faith. Is he good going to church, and does that cancel out what comes from his mouth? How should I assess this situation? (26:40)
  • When my wife gets upset, she grabs her rosary, since that is her mindset, and that is the way she grew up. But I can’t get her out of this habit. Plus they never recite the ending to the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:9-14 (28:29)
  • Explain Matthew 7:21-23 wherein the Lord says He never knew these people, but they did such great things in His name. These people seemed to have had the Holy Spirit, and they appear to be saved (30:23)
  • What is dispensationalism? (38:58)
  • Why does the Greek Orthodox Church celebrate Christmas on January 7th? (48:17)