February 16, 2012

Questions / Comments

  • My husband is in jail for spousal abuse and rape. He may get 5-10 years. Should I divorce him? (1:28)
  • What are your thoughts on The Lost World of Genesis One by John Walton? (4:20)
  • How do you interpret 1 John 5 on the “sin that leads to death?” (5:49)
  • Do you know anything about Prophet T.B. Joshua? (20:49)
  • What do you think about Jimmy Swaggart’s teaching? (27:14)
  • How do harmonize dinosaurs and the Bible? What about the Behemoth? Would not Adam have been eaten by a T-Rex? (29:33)
  • The curses in Deuteronomy tell of the exile of the unfaithful Israelites and the synagogue of Satan in the Book of Revelation. Are the Jewish people living in Palestine today the real Jews? (39:03)