February 21, 2012

Hanks shares on what our bodies will be like in eternity at the resurrection (0:44). Hank talks on his trip to Iran for a speaking engagement at Allameh Tabataba ’i University and discovering that he had many misconceptions about the country (4:54)

Questions / Comments

  • Regarding the prosperity gospel. Is God obligated to give more back to us than we give to Him? (8:25)
  • Is Kenneth Hagin a sound teacher? (21:55)
  • Re: Ravi Zacharias’ speaking at a Mormon event. Is it ok to work with Mormons on common cause issues? (26:16)
  • Can a person choose to walk away from Christianity? (30:19)
  • When you were in Iran, did the situation with Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani ever come up? (39:10)
  • If you divorce and remarry another spouse, is this equivalent to adultery? What is the biblical ground for divorce and remarriage? (41:50)
  • My Mom just passed away, what happens after death? (46:50)

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