February 29, 2012

Hank shares on the influence of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species, which offers a cosmogenic myth that has shaped the worldview of hundreds of millions of people (0:52)

Questions / Comments:

  • I am unable to tithe 10% without becoming financially runed. Yet, by not giving a tithe, I do not feel right with God. What should I do? (3:33)
  • I learned from teachers like Joyce Meyer and Creflo Dollar. I attend Cornerstone Church with John Hagee. I now understand the problems with the Word of Faith movement. I am torn about whether to continue with Cornerstone. Should I continue to tithe? What are your thoughts? (6:42)
  • Did Judas have a choice in being the betrayer of Christ? Explain Exodus 9:16 on God raising up Moses? Explain Genesis 50:19-20 where Joseph tells brothers they planned evil, but God purposed what happened for good. Were they all predestined? (21:55)
  • I am struggling with different Bible translations. I like using the NIV Bible. But I worry because I found the NIV leaves out passages from the Bible. I need help. (24:50)
  • Does Revelation teach that in the end times will the Pope  be the Antichrist? (39:14)
  • I understand that after the Rapture God would place a delusion in the minds of people. But I thought that after the Rapture will still have a chance to come to God. What is the delusion about? (40:32)
  • I was reading 1 Thessalonians 4:17. When we get caught up in the Rapture, will we recognize our loved ones in heaven? (42:14)
  • Can women be elders? (43:56)
  • What is your opinion of Kent Hovind and Young Earth Creationism in general? (48:47)