March 5, 2012

Questions / Comments

  • Do all Pentecostals believe in the Oneness doctrine? Is Oneness a cult? (2:41)
  • Can you address the Calvinist view and Romans 9? (5:05)
  • Why did God try to kill Moses in Exodus 4:24-26? (13:07)
  • If God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, how can Pharaoh be judged when God continually hardened his heart? (14:41)
  • I lost my son in November. Why did God allow my son to die young? (20:56)
  • Doesn’t Genesis teach a global flood? How can all humans be destroyed apart from a worldwide flood? (28:08)
  • Why wasn’t Eve surprised by a talking snake? At that time, were people able to communicate with animals and animals able to communicate with people? (39:51)
  • Why do you justify a large family with the overpopulation problem? (45:40)