March 8, 2012

Hank asks listeners to think about their prayer life and encourages developing the discipline of listening to God’s voice (0:48)

Questions / Comments:

  • 9-year-old caller. Why do we need to pray if God already knows what we need? (3:45)
  • If I can choose to receive Christ through my own free will, why then can’t I simply choose to reject Him? You can check out any time you like but never leave? (6:47)
  • Are there any specific Scriptures that prohibit women from being preachers in pastoral positions? (13:22)
  • Does the peace symbol have any connection to the occult or Satanism? Would it be appropriate for our Youth Group to use the peace symbol on a bracelet? (24:21)
  • Do you have any information on the Church of Bible Understanding (COBU)? They had color code system for interpreting the Bible, encouraged living in communes, and had an art exhibit explaining the gospel, but I was concerned that they seemed to be a “cult of personality.” (26:17)
  • I recently lost a loved one, and I struggle with grief. Are there any passages of Scripture that can give me comfort through this process? (41:06)
  • Since God has a plan for our lives prior to creating Heaven and Earth, why would He plan for people to have hardened hearts and to be condemned to hell like Judas? (48:21)