March 13, 2012

Hank shares on comments made by Bill Mahr on the way Rick Santorum homeschools his kids because he does not want them to eat the “apple” that is to get infected by the virus of reason (0:45)

Questions / Comments

  • Discussing eternal security with an Eastern Orthodox friend. How to address the idea that we cannot know for certain because salvation is a process (8:52)
  • After Nebuchadnezzar’s madness in Daniel 4:34, did he respond with genuine faith? (13:32)
  • I find a contrast in between Nebuchadnezzar’s acknowledgement of God’s power and the profession of faith in Daniel 4 (22:55)
  • Is the man in Daniel 10 a preincarnate Christ? If so, why does the preincarnate Christ need assistance from Michael the Archangel? (24:55)
  • When God created Eve from Adam’s rib, did her soul come from God or Adam? What is the best way to study the Bible in its entirety (26:00)
  • Do our loved ones who have passed away watch over us from heaven? (29:57)
  • Can you address the Calvinist view of John 6? Is it the case that the Jewish leaders did not come to God because they were not called by God? (38:53)
  • What happens to those who have never heard the gospel? (42:43)
  • Does Ezekiel 18:24 teach us that one can lose their salvation? (47:03)