March 20, 2012

Hank comments on a newspaper an article on a state trying to find victims of past eugenics programs (0:36)

Question / Comments:

  • Is the Rapture and the Second Coming the same event? Rapture and Second Coming after the Great Tribulation? What is your view of the pre-tribulation rapture? (7:26)
  • Can speaking in tongues be faked? Can Satan and satanists fake speaking in tongues? (9:16)
  • Where was Jesus’ soul during the three days His body was in the grave after the crucifixion? (12:47)
  • Is Ezekiel 12:22-28 talking about false prophets who say they are giving prophecies from the Lord? (21:19)
  • I attend a charismatic church which purports divine healings, such as a lady telling of her leg being miraculously extended. Does God perform miracles today like extending peoples legs? (24:20)
  • Have you heard of Jesus Culture with Bethel Church? (25:46)
  • What is Leviathan in Job 41? Is Leviathan an image describing Satan? (28:26)
  • A friend of mine passed away, he believed in God, but his time in the Iraq War, and he did things there that changed him. I did not talk and pray with him when he was alive as I should have. Now that he is gone, it ok to pray for God to have mercy upon His soul? Should I focus my prayers on family? (32:04)
  • What are your thoughts on Michael Behe’s book, The Edge of Evolution? Behe talks about the impossibility of protein binding into molecular machines yet still maintains common descent. How do you define common descent? (39:54)
  • 8-year-old caller. Why don’t Jews and Christians adhere to the same religion? (45:11)
  • What is the biblical view of the local and universal church? (47:58)