March 21, 2012

Hank shares on the biblical view of wealth, Christian capitalism, and having an eternal view of money (0:52)

Question / Comments:

  • My job occasionally requires work on Sunday. Is it ok to work on the Sabbath? Can one do work around the house? (6:24)
  • What are your thoughts on 1 Samuel 28, and the summoning of Samuel by the medium of Endor? (10:00)
  • Demonic possession has happened, but can demons reveal themselves as apparitions? (13:09)
  • If you were dealing with someone purporting to have seen something unexplainable but thinks it is demonic, how would you respond to that person? (14:44)
  • My body is falling apart but my friends want to put the blame on Satan. I am skeptical. Can Satan make us physically sick? (21:52)
  • I am twice divorced and presently dating another man. Is it ok to be intimate with someone who you are not married to? Do you have to be legally married first? (27:53)
  • Isn’t the true Sabbath on Saturday? (38:57)
  • Do you agree with Ken Ham’s view of creation? (42:17)
  • I moved from Texas to Kentucky and back to Texas. But now I am having trouble selling my house in Kentucky, which makes me wonder whether I am in God’s will. How do you know when you are in the will of God? (45:20)
  • Are you familiar with Warren Wiersbe? Anything wrong with his teachings? (49:23)
  • I have trouble understanding the expression “Everything happens for a reason.” And how do I make sense of this idea in my life? (49:58)