March 22, 2012

Hank shares selections from The Weeping Chamber a historical fiction by Sigmund Brouwer on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. (0:34)

Questions / Comments

  • You indicated that demons cannot materialize, but angels can materialize. Are demons fallen angels? (6:27)
  • Can God give a person the gift of spiritual discernment to see demonic activity in persons? (7:14)
  • I had been in an esoteric church for ten years. But I opposed them for accepting Buddhists and other stuff. (9:03)
  • Do you agree with Woodroll Kroll’s view on the new heaven and new earth? (10:33)
  • Can you comment on Jesus words about going and preparing a place for us? (12:57)
  • Regarding Christ coming to rapture the Church, according to 2 Thessalonians 2:1, can Christ return at any time, or must He wait until the rise of Antichrist? (21:32)
  • Who are the two witnesses in Revelation 11? Are they actual people? Is this not referring to an actual event? (25:50)
  • If we no longer must keep the Sabbath, can you tell me why in the Book of Acts do we find Jesus’ disciples keeping the Sabbath? (38:53)
  • What is your opinion of Andrew Wommack and his view on divine healing in A Better Way to Pray? (41:37)
  • Did not Jesus give the power to heal the sick and make the blind see? (45:48)