March 22, 2012

Hank shares insights on Christ’s sweating drops of blood from Morning by Morning by Charles Haddon Spurgeon (0:38)

Questions / Comments

  • Having trouble getting my ex-fiancée to come to a true evaluation. Can you explain the idea of wiping the dust from your feet of the town that rejects Christ in Mark 6:11? (4:52)
  • I was told that Hell is fire and brimstone, but others say it is the cessation of existence. Can you clarify? (6:31)
  • Can you explain the meaning of “adoption as sons” in Galatians 4:5? (12:40)
  • Do you know the number of animals on Noah’s Ark? (14:38)
  • What exactly is going on during the Millennium? Just Christian in the millennial reign, or will there be people left over after the battle of Gog and Magog who need to be evangelized? (23:15)
  • Is John Piper a reliable teacher? (27:12)
  • What about ghosts and hauntings? Are they real? Demons? Not human souls? (28:16)
  • It permissible for a Christian to accept tips at work? What if the tip comes from a lesbian organization or a Muslim group? (30:49)
  • Is Isaiah 66:22-23 saying that in heaven we will be worshipping God on the Sabbath? (38:59)
  • How will Christ judge Christians according to their deeds? If we are saved by Christ, how is it that we will be judged? (42:44)
  • I am trying to life for Christ every day. I try to pray and read the Bible but to be closer to God. (45:52)
  • I had a big change in my life after being saved. Should everybody have a noticeable change in their life after being saved? (46:20)
  • Do miracles still happen today? (50:01)