March 27, 2012

Hank shares on death from a biblical worldview, and the significance of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead (0:48)

Questions / Comments

  • What happens after death? Do we immediately go to heaven or hell, or do we enter soul sleep? (4:09)
  •  I have been taught that suicide condemns a person to hell. Do Christians who commit suicide go to hell? (6:42)
  •  Are the Gnostic gospels authoritative? Should I use English translations of them for my devotions? (8:57)
  •  My wife died but never received last rites. I am not Roman Catholic.  Can I still pray for her forgiveness? (12:33)
  • I have been praying to thank God for taking my wife from all the pain she suffered while alive. Is that OK? (13:56)
  •  Can you give me an overview of the history and origin of the English Bible? Who has the original manuscripts of the Bible? Who has the authority to translate the Bible? Who gave the translators the authority to translate the Bible? (12:01)
  •  How could God forgive someone who commits suicide? I was always taught suicide was unpardonable. How is suicide pardonable? (27:10)
  •  Why would God create billions of people knowing most of them would end up in hell? (31:12)
  •  What are your thoughts on Andrew Farley and his belief that as Christians we no longer need to confess our sins?
  •  Have you heard of Andrew Farley? Farley says that a Christians has no need to confess the sins they have committed. (39:11)
  • Are there different levels of heaven and hell? (41:57)
  • I have a very busy life but try to study the Scriptures daily. When I read the Scriptures, sometimes I go away without understanding what they are trying to tell me. (45:38)
  •  Do souls in the abode of the dead reckon time? Do they know how long they have been dead? Even those who have been dead for thousands of years? (48:50)