March 28, 2012

Hank addresses the wide divide between Mormonism and Christianity (0:44)

Questions / Comments

  • Do you know anything about the International School of Ministry? (3:20)
  • Is there a resource for men struggling with pornography? (4:14)
  • Did Jesus have faith? (5:03)
  • How to apply Galatians 2:20 regarding the “faith of the Son of God” from the King James Version? (6:55)
  • I have Jewish clientele in my line of work. How do I verbally witness to my Jewish clientele? (9:44)
  • The word Elohim is used for the name of God in the very first book of the Old Testament. Can you explain the significance of Elohim? (21:05)
  • A Mormon told me that the word Paradise can be translated Hell. So, when Jesus was speaking to the thief upon the cross, He was referring to Hell. Is Hell or Hades the abode of the dead? (25:22)
  • The Mormon insisted that we need to be baptized to be saved and that is why the thief on the cross did not go to Heaven but to Hades? But how could Jesus go to Heaven and not Hell? (26:28)
  • I live near Amish. What exactly do the Amish believe? (32:17)
  • I am reading the Bible and finishing up Kings. The “high places” are mentioned a lot. What does the “high places” refer to? (39:01)
  • Even good kings went to worship at the “high places,” and that is why the people kept falling away? (41:42)
  • I think Judas Iscariot went to Hell for his betrayal. Did God predestine Judas to do this? Did Judas have a choice? (42:19)
  • My church refuses to pray for Christian soldiers because soldiers kill. What is the right thing to do? (45:14)
  • What is your opinion of The Way of the Master with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron? (48:00)