April 2, 2012

Hank shares on the Jerusalem temple and the problems with modern Christians looking for a third and possible fourth temple but that the significance of the temple finds fulfillment in Jesus Christ (0:50)

Questions / Comments

  • I have trouble sleeping and experience constipation. I am visiting naturopathic doctors. Do you know anything about the book, A More Excellent Way by Henry Wright? (7:50)
  • I read a tweet from Mark Driscoll about the Trinity and I was wondering if it was correct? (10:55)
  • I have trouble understanding the Trinity. Is the Trinity analogous to a marriage, the union between husband and wife, like the two become one? (21:38)
  • Is there a difference between giving alms and paying tithes? (26:00)
  • I am Catholic but I am starting to question my beliefs. Is it biblical to pray to saints? (42:04)
  • Can you offer your thoughts on Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby? (46:09)
  • Why did the progeny of Adam and Eve not produce birth defects, but today we consider incest repulsive and risky for deformities? (49:15)
  • Is it because God gave the law prohibiting incest that today we are repulsed to it? (50:39)