December 9, 2009

Hank shares on the word “Advent,” which literally means “coming.” Advent is then the season for the celebrating of the “coming” of the Lord Jesus Christ. (0:38)


  • Is there a biblical record for the miraculous burning of oil tradition associated with the Hannukah festival in Judaism? (6:21)
  • Hank shares on the unfortunate problem in our time of prophecy teachers making false end time predictions on the return of Christ. The case being Jack Van Impe using Mayan Calendar to predict the time of the final war. (8:32)
  • I have been praying to know what God wants me to do with my life, my church tells me to continue praying for that will eventually revealed, but I am not getting any answers. What to do? (21:12)
  • Do you believe in once saved always saved? (25:05)
  • What about the great ages that men lived to in the Old Testament? (41:28)
  • Would the Lord allow a believer to win the lottery? (44:27)