April 5, 2012

On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast Hank interviews Dr. Stephen Meyer about his article “Unlocking the DNA Enigma” in the special Origins issue of the Christian Research Journal. Dr. Meyer received his Ph.D. in the philosophy of science from the University of Cambridge. He is a leading Intelligent Design proponent and the Director of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (0:43).

Questions / Comments

  • What is your opinion of Creflo Dollar? (21:43)
  • Whenever I watch Creflo Dollar, his teaching sounds sound. (24:28)
  • Is evolution not necessary for us to go from nothing to something? If so, do evolution and creation go hand in hand? (25:39)
  • Does Isaiah 66:3 warn us about taking the Lord’s Supper in an unworthy manner? I worry that we offer the defiled oblation in churches. (30:32)
  • Where does it talk about the Bible when rebuking someone for doctrinal error becomes too much? (38:53)
  • 8-year-old caller. Did God make the devil? (42.54)
  • Can you clarify your position on praying to the saints? (46:21)