April 6, 2012

On this Good Friday edition of the Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank draws our attention to the most significant event in history: the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. From the agony of the cross, to the triumph of the resurrection, Hank paints a vivid picture of what we celebrate this Easter season (0:55).

Questions / Comments

  • I am a Southern Baptist. We have been taught that the part of the Trinity is Jesus who saves us and by His name we are saved, and neither the Father nor the Holy Spirit. But Jesus on the cross says, “Father, forgive them?” Jesus does not say, “I forgive you.” Why did Jesus say, “Father, forgive them”? (8:12)
  • Is there any significance Jesus said at the virtual end of His earthly life “Father, forgive them”? (12:14)
  • Was the vision Peter received in Acts 10 talking about food laws or the inclusion of the Gentiles? Is this not just referring to people and inapplicable to the kind of foods we eat? (13:22)
  • What Scriptures do Oneness Pentecostals use to prohibit women from wearing pants and so forth? (20:56)
  • I am a Roman Catholic. I was baptized Lutheran, but in college I had an experience with cancer, and then came to Roman Catholicism. Since then, I have lost faith in the Catholic Church. But I fear leaving the Roman Catholic Church, along with the devotion to Mary, devotion to saints, Fatima, and Lourds. I am thinking of exploring my Lutheran roots or finding a bible-based church. But I wonder whether I am leaving the Roman Catholic Church is the Universal Church, and I’m thinking of converting to Protestantism, but I’m fearful to leave the Catholic Church. Can you help me? (27:48)
  • What are your thoughts on the appearance of the image of Jesus at Ursuline Academy Chapel in New Orleans? What about these types of manifestations? (38:44)
  • How to reconcile modern-day manifestations and the signs and wonders displayed by Jesus and the Apostles in the New Testament? I have difficulty taking a modern-day sign and say it is not from Jesus (42:29)