April 13, 2012

Hank lays out the reason why Genesis presents Satan as an ancient serpent (0:33)

Questions / Comments

  • If demons don’t have creative power, how did Satan approach Eve, was it in thought? (5:17)
  • Why does the account of Jesus’ anointing in Bethany in the Gospel of John differ from the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Mark? Was Jesus’ feet or head anointed? (8:18)
  • Is there going to be a pretribulation rapture? (10:59)
  • What is your opinion of the devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young? (21:07)
  • What are your thoughts on the book The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson? (25:05)
  • Is it possible for a Christian to apostatize or lose their salvation? (31:07)
  • When did we start to use the birth of Christ as the reference point for everything in history, namely BC and AD? (38:45)
  • I always believed that our name was written in the Book of Life. But I heard that we get a new name in Heaven, but we will not know that name until then. (40:27)