April 17, 2012

Hank explains on what it means for us to be created in the image of God (0:37)

Questions / Comments

  • Is it correct that the main argument against old Earth view is that if there had been death before the fall such would negate Christ sacrifice? (3:57)
  • Would there have been firewood before the fall? (5:36)
  • Is it possible that the death and decay of at least plants was part of the original creation? (6:36)
  • Can you define kairological? (8:44)
  • What purpose would it be in God’s good creation for trees to become discolored, decay, and died and if Adam and Eve had not sinned, there still would have been that cycle of death, decay, and renewal? (8:54)
  • I read lots of creation articles saying death and decay came as the result of the fall and that is why Christ came to the world. Would Adam have burned firewood? Would trees have died? Did the curse change the DNA of everything on the planet? (9:43)
  • What is meant by the “pale of orthodoxy”? Is the doctrine of Limited Atonement within this pale of orthodoxy? Would not Limited Atonement contradict the teaching of Christ dying for the whole world? (21:08)
  • My pastor tells us that God says to stop looking at a Lexus but a Ford Focus because your credit is bad shananaboko. When my pastor says, “God says” is that God speaking through him? When my pastor says, “shananaboko” is that speaking in tongues? (27:35)
  • Genesis 1 tells us that God created man and woman on the sixth day. Genesis 2 says Adam was created first, then the animals, after which Adam named all the animals, and then God created Eve. If Genesis 2 all happened on the sixth-day, then how could Adam have named all the animals within twenty-four hours? (38:53)
  • What is your opinion of Ayn Rand and her view of Capitalism? (45:08)