April 25, 2012

Questions / Comments

  • I am unsettled of voting form a Mormon to be President of the USA. Is it justified because Mitt Romney will oppose abortion? What is your opinion of Mitt Romney as a Mormon President? (2:35)
  • I am a young Earth creationist. I am having trouble resolving starlight reaching the earth from light billions of years away. I think the writers in Genesis 1-2 wanted to present a 6-day creation. (5:46)
  • Can you explain the distinctions between three in the Trinity? I think if Jesus killed, the killing would be wrong. In the same way, I find it wrong to pray to Jesus instead of thanking God for Jesus (10:50)
  • A childhood friend came out and has been in a homosexual relation for the last eight years. I did not condone her lifestyle, but she rejected it as being unloving. I tried to explain how sin looks fun, but it is not. She recently entered a same sex marriage. How do I keep loving this lady? (20:51)
  • I heard your explanation on the Son of God and daughters of men in Genesis 6. Can you clarify how angels can or cannot interact with people physically? Did not Jacob wrestle with an angel and the angel knock his hip out of joint? (28:49)
  • Are there contradictions with the items the disciples were supposed to take on their mission in Matthew 10, Mark 6, and Luke 9? (39:08)
  • Is “pleading the blood” of Jesus biblical? Why do people do it? For cleansing? Deliverance from demons? (43:24)
  • Does God still heal people with physical infirmities today? (47:22)