April 30, 2012

Hank shares on the social consequences of adopting the cosmogenic myth of Darwinian Evolution, which includes the sovereignty of self, sexual revolution, and survival of the fittest (0:41)

Questions / Comments

  • Genesis tells of Adam living over 900 years old whereas today 100 years would be a great life. Does the Bible address the change in the lifespan of human beings? (6:38)
  • How can I know whether a preacher is teaching truth? I hear preachers talk about the European Union and the Antichrist. (10:29)
  • I almost hit a man in white parka while driving a bus, but when I looked again there was nobody one there. Who or what was that? (13:17)
  • I’ve heard you say that Judas performed miracles and cast out demons, but I can’t in Scripture where he did these things (21:07)
  • What happens when we die? Do we immediately go to heaven? (25:24)
  • When Saul conjured up Samuel with a soothsayer, how is it possible that Samuel could be brought back from the dead? If Samuel was with God, the soothsayer would not be able to conjure him up. (26:23)
  • Is it possible that we can be after death the same as Samuel? Can I be conjured up by somebody after I died? (27:35)
  • Wife is reading a bout about pleading the blood of Jesus for protection and healing. Is this pleading of blood biblical? (31:35)
  • I was told that we, who are Christians, are perfect based upon 1 John 4:7. I do not understand. How can we be perfect? (38:57)
  • How do I approach someone who teaches an error such as a pastor without being condescending? (44:21)
  • Why are there not angels today that are rebelling against God like those that rebelled with Satan? (4:06)