December 14, 2009

Questions / Comments

  • Christian mother and Muslim father but still married. Father is resistant to Christianity and estranged from father. How do I handle my father on account of his decisions but obey Command to honor father and mother? (2:55)
  • When attempts to reconcile fail are we not to separate ourselves from the offender? (5:46)
  • The Father testifying to the Son in John 5:7. Where the OT prophets like Moses talking to Jesus? (8:38)
  • In Exodus 3:14 was it Jesus talking to Moses? (12:18)
  • The outpouring of God’s Spirit to all flesh in Acts 2:17. Does this include both believers and unbelievers? (13:28)
  • Can you clarify what you mean about the Apostolic (Oneness Pentecostals) do not know how to read the Scriptures? (21:21)
  • Pastor teaches on the doctrine of election. Any recommended material on the subject? (23:23)
  • Clarify critique on the deliverance model of spiritual warfare in the Covering. No spirit of murder, spirit of rage and spirit of schizophrenia? (26:01)
  • Does God write our names down in a Book of Remembrance according to Malachi 3:16? (39:25)