May 1, 202

Questions / Comments

  • How can I witness to my friend who is watching the television show Jesus Conspiracies? (4:57)
  • Do you know anything about David Stewart and his Jesus is Savior webpage? (9:12)
  • What is biblical repentance? Is teachings about repenting and trusting in the Savior a works-based salvation? (10:44)
  • I see the Ten Commandments, but I know I can’t uphold the Law, yet I do not want to offend Him and do not want to do that. Is that the right way to think? (12:57)
  • There is nothing wrong with following the Law out of respect through not in trying to be saved? (13:19)
  • What is your opinion of Dr. Andrew Farley? (21:00)
  • I know God does not lie. I know God promised us Utopia. But I cannot imagine Utopia with my dog Jacob. Will our pets be resurrected? Will we see them in heaven? (25:02)
  • Did Christ death to just cover animal sacrifice? Was Christ’s death to cleanse us from Adam’s sin? Are we all sinful by nature? Were we born in sin? (30:23)
  • I am struggling in my walk with God. I have besetting sins. Can you help me? (38:50)
  • My wife attends a Lutheran Church. I have trouble with the Lutheran teaching on Baptism. (41:56)
  • What is the biblical definition of fornication? Does this refer to philandering in general? Can it apply to a man having committed relations with the same woman outside of wedlock? (43:44)
  • In 1 Timothy 2:12 where Paul says he does not permit women to teach, was that Paul’s idea or was that from God? (49:10)