May 8, 2012

Questions / Comments

  • The books of the Bible were inspired by God. Where is it written in Scripture that the books assembled into the Bible were inspired in that order and exact collection? A group of men put these books together. Were they inspired to assemble all of these books together? (2:41)
  • Is there going to be a covenant fulfilled in the end times with the children of Israel being reformed from the original twelve tribes? What about the grafting in of the children of Israel back into the Church? Are there two covenants being fulfilled? What about the new covenant? (7:11)
  • All Israel will be saved in Romans 11:26. Is “Israel” just a name for God’s chosen people and not to the actual Israel race of people? (11:15)
  • Why do so many people still think that everything is going to happen in the nation of Israel in the end times? (12:51)
  • I was brought up Catholic. Are crosses, pictures, and Christian symbols such as the fish idolatrous? (22:14)
  • The Apostle’s Creed states that Christ descended into hell. Is this biblical? What is meant by this phrase? (24:49)
  • When the Lord comes back, and the new earth and heaven have come, will God be on the new earth with Jesus the Lord, or in the new heaven? (27:32)
  • The first letter, “T” in the T.U.L.I.P. acronym.  “What is the extent of human depravity? If we are not totally depraved, why does the NT use terminology like “slaves to sin” and “dead in our trespasses”? Calvinists use Romans 9 to back up total depravity. Where do you stand? (30:01)
  • What would you suggest for education for young people who are looking to lead a church or enter missions work? (31:25)
  • Does Isaiah 53:2 teach that Christ’s physical appearance of homely and unattractive? Is this taking about Christ being marred and bruised? The spiritual detachment of the Pharisees that made them perceive Christ as unattractive? Olive-skinned man? (38:44)
  • Those who believe “Once saved, always saved” believe that even if you lose your faith, you retain your salvation, regardless of what you do. What is your belief on that scripturally? (42:25)
  • When we have our new bodies in the new earth will the law of entropy be “repealed” so that things will not wear out? (44:58)
  • I just wondered if the new heavens and new earth will have rust and mildew? (47:01)
  • Do you believe that the people who go to hell will consciously suffer for eternally? Is the morality of our present society far different than the heavenly morality so the ways laws work on Earth different than God’s morality? (47:51)