Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:

  • Why do we not honor all of the 10 commandments and keep the Sabbath on the 6th day of the week?
  • Is it ok for women to be pastors or teachers according to 1 Timothy 2:12?
  • What is the difference between receiving the Holy Spirit today and the examples given in the book of Acts?
  • In Proverbs 8:13 are pride and arrogance the same? What does a perverse mouth signify?
  • Is the future antichrist a Muslim?
  • Does 2 Timothy 2:12 teach that you can lose your salvation?
  • What is your opinion of artists that use nude models as subjects?
  • What is your view of the moving of the sprit and modern Apostles and Prophets in the church today?
  • Can you transfer spirits or demons through touch?