May 9, 2012

Hank shares on the problems of reading scientific paradigms into scriptural passages, which has given Christianity one blackeye after another (0:38)

Questions / Comments

  • Why do we only honor 9 out of the 10 commandments and consider the 4th Commandment the only one that is no good? (5:04)
  • I am studying 1 Corinthians 14 on women being silent. Is this a circumstantial claim or a universal claim? Ok for women to be pastors or teachers according to 1 Timothy 2:12? Equality of women in Galatians 3:20? (7:32)
  • The Book of Acts talks about the Holy Spirit being received at Pentecost. The Holy Spirit was received by the laying on of hands. Is Acts a book that we can derive doctrine? Can we receive the Holy Spirit by the laying of hands? (11:18)
  • In Proverbs 8:13 are pride and arrogance the same? (20:56)
  • Please explain the perverse speech and forward mouth in Proverbs 8:13? (22:03)
  • Will Christians be accountable to the Lord for saying perverse speech? (24:12)
  • Is it possible that the future Antichrist is going to be of the Muslim faith? (25:41)
  • At one point in my life, I was not a good person. I feel like I owe the world to do something right. I believe God put me in places to learn. Will paying alms affect my rank in heaven? I am scared about this (28:00)
  • Does 2 Timothy 2:12 teach that you can lose your salvation? (31:25)
  • What is your opinion of artists that draw live (nude) models as subjects? (41:25)
  • Regarding Bethel Church and Counterfeit Revival. What is your view of the moving of the sprit and modern apostolic and prophetic voices in the church today? (43:02)
  • Is issue in particular movements is not the work of the Holy Spirit but the works of men who try to make names for themselves and do not test with the Word of God? (46:44)
  • Ok for women to be pastors? Can you transfer spirits or demons through touch? (48:42)