May 11, 2012

Hank talks on reading Scripture literally means to read Scripture as literature as opposed to a wooden literal fashion (0:45)

Questions / Comments

  • You mentioned the beast in Revelation 13 is Nero. A book by Bob Fraley says the beast is not a person but a superpower, namely the United States. He says the Greek word for the “beast” (thērion) is neuter. Does this undermine the partial preterist perspective on the beast? (4:33)
  • What is your opinion of Radical by David Platt? (12:40)
  • I have been divorced for about a year. I do not want to abandon my wife. One reason for separation was disagreements over faith. I am not Roman Catholic, but she is. I do not want to compromise. Should I try to reconcile with my ex-wife who is Roman Catholic? (21:02)
  • I am attending an Assembly of God church. They have had a prophetess speak. She talked about gold dust falling from Heaven. That church also practiced slain in the Spirit and holy laughter. Is there a denomination or group of Christians that are Bible based? (23:27)
  • My wife died in 2000, and that is when I became a Christian. I was baptized. But I do not feel like God has come into my life. I prayed to feel God’s presence. I feel so lonely. Is it true that sometimes we do not feel anything. Yet I hear so many stories of others feeling so much better. I called upon God so many times, prayed that I am a sinner, but I do not feel any different. I am unsatisfied with the church I attend (27:00)
  • If dragons were not real but mythological, why does the KJV Bible mention dragons 58 times and why does leviathan breath fire? (38:46)
  • Do you believe the KJV Bible is correct on the creation being 6000 years old? (40:42)
  • Can you explain what you mean by “true Israel”? Are you referring to the church? (48:08)