May 176, 2012

Hank comments on an statement made by Walter Cronkite about his ancestors going back far enough were apes (0:32)

Questions / Comments

  • I heard a story about a Bible College alumnus who was dead for eight hours, he was in the morgue, he had a toe tag, but his mom refused to accept it, she prayed, and he came back to life. Do modern-day resurrections happen? Are the stories I’ve heard legitimate? (4:08)
  • I struggle with teaching from a Pentecostal Holiness school on laying upon hands and healings in the last days. I have trouble believing God brings people to heaven and back as well as hell and back (9:47)
  • I heard that the church I attended had Joyce Meyer Bible studies. He voiced my concern about Joyce Myer to the assistant pastor. He sidestepped the issue. I do not know what to do. I think I need to speak with the senior pastor. My daughter thinks Joyce Meyer is the greatest. I suspect the senior pastor is with the Word of Faith movement. (11:19)
  • Paul had an experience in heaven but did not speak about it. What we know about heaven is what Jesus told us about heaven? What about John who describes heaven in the book of Revelation? (21:31)
  • John had a vision of Heaven as opposed to a literal journey? (24:39)
  • How do we know Jesus was the Messiah when we haven’t seen the original manuscripts? (25:57)
  • Why do Joshua and Samuel refer to the book of Jasher? Is it the Word of God? (31:30)
  • Can you clarify the earlier comments about Joyce Meyer? The Nicene Creed talks about Jesus descending into hell? I am confused. (38:47)
  • Is it possible to learn essential truth from a heretic such as Joyce Meyer? (41:38)
  • Can you give me an in-depth overview of Mormonism and the Church of Christ? (45:42)