May 21, 2012

Hank addresses the question on whether Archaeopteryx is the missing link between dinosaurs and birds(0:36)

Questions / Comments

  • Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible? And where do they come from? How do I respond to skeptics who bring them up? (4:01)
  • How do we discern God’s voice from our own conscious? (10:03)
  • You believe the events in the Book of Revelation have already happened? (20:47)
  • If the Book of Revelation took place, how do the two witnesses fit in history? (21:43)
  • Why is the Book of Revelation so specific about the 1260 days and the dead bodies lying in the street, yet it not more literal? (24:58)
  • What do I tell someone who thinks that all religions will lead to heaven? (29:09)
  • Skeptics always raise the issue of the age of the Earth. Cannot God have created the Earth with the appearance of age?  (30:49)
  • What are some guidelines for fasting? What is the spiritual significance of fasting? How to properly fast? (42:14)
  • Does Ephesians 4:8-9 refer to the center of the earth? Did Jesus descend into hell? (43:57)
  • I lost my job, I am a caregiver, I am raising a 12-year-old, my sister went through surgery, but I have not focused on finding employment but there are opportunities. Can you give me some scriptures that will help me care for my family with graciousness and patience? (48:42)