December 18, 2009

Questions / Comments

  • Is The God Who Wasn’t There documentary directed by Brian Flemmings correct about the Jesus of Christianity is copied from earlier pagan religions? (4:28)
  • What are the scriptural text to use in debunking the Word of Faith teaching on guaranteed divine healings? (7:58)
  • Jesus’ healings and Isaiah 53 handles spiritual and physical healing? (9:44)
  • If someone has cancer, they pray the cancer to be removed, but doesn’t happen, is this according to God’s sovereign will or because the sick lack faith? (11:15)
  • How will the resurrection happen if the physical body is lost due to cremation? (13:13)
  • Interview with Steve Camp. Steve shares on getting into the Word of God. (23:25)
  • Ok to listen to Family Radio for the music but turn off Harold Camping yet why is it that they are still touching lives despite Camping’s errors? (39:29)
  • What about the Evolution of a Creationist by Joe Martin on the six-day creation? (42:50)
  • What is your view on hell? Is there literal fire? (44:58)